We are a unique collaborative of like-minded people taking mind, body and soul wisdom into business.

Not ‘just another corporate wellbeing provider’.

We have created something bespoke and unique, with a genuine personal touch and a mission of bringing new body wisdom and health to a wider population.  We are here to work with you and from our perspective that wellbeing is all about sustaining humans, it is not about rules and a one size fits all approach.

We are not here to tell people what to do, that you must eat a certain way, give up things you love or take up an exercise regime that doesn’t bring you joy, we are here to provide options, alternatives and new insight.

Our mission is not to overwhelm, but to educate, inspire and support

Our Vision

We have a vision to grow and expand our unique approach to wellness within businesses so that we can empower individuals to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing on every level – mind, body and soul.

As part of this, we see fun and creativity as intrinsic parts of health and vitality – life is here to be lived and the more we learn to love and care for our physical home, the more pleasure and longevity it gives back to us in return.

Our clients have a core ethos focussed on promoting sustainability, community and regeneration, we feel the same about human bodies and beings.

Collectively, humanity has experienced great trauma over the last couple of years and it has impacted every single one of us on some level or another.  We have all felt more anxiety, stress or overwhelm, relationship pressures or isolation which create the potential for longer term health issues.

Whilst we can’t change what is happening in the external world, there is a huge amount that we can do internally so that we can heal as individuals and learn how to live from a place of more peace, balance and harmony whatever is going on.

Why Heart to Heart?

We chose Heart To Heart because we work from the heart as much as the head.  This means that we lead from a place of personal power, compassion, understanding and no judgement – it is a place of strength and integrity.

The Heart To Heart Collective is a collaborative team, working together to foster change and transformation in the world. We look forward to growing our Collective as we are committed to bringing together people who work from the same values, ethos and principles.

Meet US

Gabby Briscoe & Su Winsbury – Co Creatrix of The Heart to Heart Collective.

With almost 40 years of holistic and wellbeing experience between us, we bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and life into the Collective.  We are both qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioners and EAM (Energy Alignment Method) Mentors and are experienced in a diverse range of other modalities including hypnotherapy, coaching and chronic fatigue recovery.

Prior to building our own wellbeing and personal development businesses, we both came from more mainstream corporate roles enabling us to easily meld the two worlds with a full understanding of the challenges faced within the office environment today.

Su Winsbury

With two sons in their twenties, I have spent many many hours on touchlines, been frozen more times than I can remember and washed a lot of muddy kit – and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We are in hugely transitional times and I am beyond excited to be partnering with Gabby as The Heart To Heart Collective – we are on a mission to bring wellness of the mind, body and soul to many.

It is a joy to bring all of my wisdom, teachings and personal development into the world in a truly holistic, powerful and unique new provision.

Gabby Briscoe

The middle child of seven and the daughter of a psychiatrist and a nurse,  I am a natural nurturer, a quiet observer, a gentle facilitator, an advocate for connection and community and a lover of an alternative solutions (growing up with six siblings and an array of rescue animals will do that to you!)

I live in the seaside town of Brighton with my partner, our teens and a few other animals.

In the last few years, I have come to a whole new level of understanding of the importance of coming together in groups and in community to engage in restful supportive activity together whilst our outside world is changeable.


the collective

Tobie Tomkinson

Tobie T is our resident yoga teacher and hands-on massage therapist.  From studying Psychology to becoming a builder and then running a yoga centre, Tobie has spent the last 15 years or so delving into the Yoga, Coaching & Bodywork worlds.

Catherine Page

Catherine Page is a font of body wisdom.  A trained massage therapist, kinesiologist and positive psychology coach with more than 30 years health and wellbeing experience, Catherine provides regular Qigong classes for our members.

Katie Manning

Katie is an artist, teacher and creative coach and collaborates with HTHC on all of our creative provisions through recorded videos with creative techniques and prompts and with immersive creative workshops and retreats.

Fiona Whitfield

Fiona is a qualified nutritionist and Pilates teacher and is the creator of ‘The Life Reboot’, an intuitive and individually tailored approach to food, fitness & fun – all of which blend perfectly with the HTHC approach to wellbeing.

Wellbeing in Business

At The Heart To Heart Collective, we offer a bespoke and personalised wellbeing provision that encompasses all aspects of health and wellness.

We appreciate that the needs of each business and its community vary and so far from offering a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach, we tailor our provision accordingly.   We actively engage with our clients and seek to work with companies who are seeking more than a tick-box style of service.

How we work with you

Initial meeting to understand the needs of your staff and how we can help

Launch workshop for all staff to introduce the impact of stress and outline our approach to wellbeing

In person workshops, masterclasses, retreats

Regular live classes (monthly & weekly)

Online Wellbeing Portal for each client providing a variety of resources for the mind, body and soul such as meditations, guided visualisations, movement classes, tapping sequences, creative taster sessions, recipe suggestions, breathing exercises and more.

Option of 121 coaching, mentoring or therapeutic sessions

Wellbeing in the Community

The light house & Gardens

In collaboration with Hadley Property Group, we are thrilled to be creating a new wellbeing centre to serve the local community as part of the Meanwhile use on the grounds of their latest development site in Stratford, London.

As a prominent property developer in London, Hadley is one of the pioneers of Meanwhile projects and uses of unused sites awaiting planning. Their strong focus on regeneration, sustainability and community outreach ensures that community use of their sites supports local areas during the lengthy planning process of any development.

‘The Light House’ will become a wellbeing centre providing a diverse blend of regular mind, body and soul classes (movement, meditation, healing and personal development), creative activities and workshops aimed at empowering, healing and supporting people in the surrounding area.  It is available for therapists, practitioners, community groups and local businesses to use and we would love to hear from individuals and groups who would like to contribute to its growth and potential.

The centre works in synergy with the adjacent gardens which, in the capable hands of Nomadic Gardens, will become a focal point for gardening, creativity, relaxation and teaching new skills.

The Light House will also be available for private hire and all profits will be used to fund the centre and community activities. Being situated on the edge of East Village in Stratford, just a stone’s throw from Stratford International station and Westfield shopping centre and less than 20 minutes by tube from both London Bridge and Kings Cross mainline stations makes the centre an easily accessible location.

Connect with Us